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Rules & Guidelines


Sister Circle Writers does not offer refunds on its products or services. Event tickets are non-fundable and non-transferable.


Sister Circle Writers is an affiliate marketer with sponsored links or banner ads from the following third-party retailers on our website:

  • Printify

  • Amazon

When you click on the sponsored links or banner ads on our website and successfully complete a transaction with these third-party retailers, we may receive a commission—but this is at no extra cost to you.

Despite our relationship with these third-party retailers, Sister Circle Writers never recommends a product or service that we do not use or have not used ourselves.

Thank you for trusting our recommendations and for supporting Sister Circle Writers' business in this way.

Code of Conduct

Image by Jason Leung

No Advertising in the Discussion Forum

Our forum is a place for people to share ideas, insights and engaging conversations - not a place to advertise yourself, your business or anything else. Please ensure your posts don’t contain advertisements of any kind before posting. However, we have an Authors Book Shop to help accommodate you and your marketing needs. Please email for more information.


No Personal Attacks

Personally attacking forum users with inflammatory or threatening messages is not allowed and can result in the involvement of law enforcement officials.


No Illegal Streaming

The posting and sharing of illegal content streams on our forum is not allowed. Legal streams with proper citations can be shared freely.

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