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About the Founder

Sister Circle Writers Founder Dr. A. Madlock Gatison is an independent scholar and university professor. Gatison completed her doctoral work in Rhetoric and Culture at Howard University. She is one of the Eastern Communication Association's 2020 Distinguished Teaching Fellows, an award-winning author with over 40 publications and over 45 national and international professional presentations and workshops. Dr. Gatison’s notable books include Health Communication and Breast Cancer Among Black Women: Culture, Identity, Spirituality, and Strength (Lexington Books) and Communicating Women's Health: Social and Cultural Norms that Influence Health Decisions (Routledge). Her forthcoming work for 2020 includes Womanist Ethical Rhetoric: A Call for Liberation and Social Justice in Turbulent Times (Lexington Books), the Journal of Communication and Religion Special Issue: A Womanist Rhetorical Vision for Building the Beloved Community, where she serves as Guest Editor, and The Power of “RE”: An Inspirational Guide on How to REdo, REvise, and REsubmit for those Second Chances in Life (Creative Legacy Books). In her spare time, she loves to travel and spend time with family and friends.

About Sister Circle Writers

A Place for You

Established in 2016, Sister Circle Writers (SCW) began as a haven for my friends and colleagues to talk about their writing and research projects and academic life for Black women in higher education. The challenges are many, and the safe spaces are few. I love to see my sister-friends and colleagues succeed, and SCW was my way to help foster the connection of career expectations (publish or perish) and community activism.  As I tell my coworkers, Black women do not have the luxury of researching and writing just for the fun of it, and our work has implications for our community. 


None the less, I have been blessed to support a group of dynamic women that has grown exponentially over the years.  Women that represent every walk of life are now a part of SCW. Women who have words in their heads, meaningful stories that need to come out and be in their hands, and the hands of the community. These words encompass many genres from poetry, self-help of all kinds, business plans, personal narratives, and yes, of course, those academic projects for the publish or perish crowd.


It is and will always be my pleasure and my passion for facilitating the birth of an idea or dream to the written word.  Many years ago, I was once called a vision coordinator and an encourager of dreams that description has stuck with me because organizing thought and encouraging others is what I do. 


So, if you ever need help to get those words out of your head, those stories, inspirational messages, business ideas, and even a grant proposal or two reach out to me so we can come up with a strategy.

Notebook and Pen
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