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Why Hire a Ghostwriter, a.k.a. A Writing Collaborator?

Here at Sister Circle Writers, we are on a mission to ensure we - you - are the legacy keepers for our community, family, and personal stories. We - you - are the contemporary griots, the storytellers, the history keepers. Sister Circle Writers is here to encourage you to lift your voice with the power of the written word. You are the voice of and for your own stories. But I know you might often be apprehensive about writing for several reasons. Here are some of the things that might be standing in your way adding to your apprehension:

  • Lack of time – too busy, you must do XYZ first!

  • Not Confident in your writing skills.

  • What story should I start with? I have so many!

  • Don’t like to write, but you have something to say.

  • Writing my story sounds like a good idea, but how do I start, and where do I start?

  • I wish someone could just write my story for me.

  • I tried dictation (Dragon Naturally Speaking, Apple, etc.), but none of that worked.

  • This list can keep going; add your reasons here.

One solution for you to overcome your apprehension or roadblocks to writing your story is to hire a ghostwriter or a writing collaborator. A ghostwriter is a partner who can assist you with writing your story. Have you ever wondered how some televangelist mega-pastors write all those books in a year? You know you have asked yourself, well, at least I have wondered, “When does pastor so and so have time to write with all that preaching and traveling?” Well, some of them have had a little help.

It is said that even the former first lady Michelle Obama, who had a massive bestseller in 2018 called "Becoming" and received a massive $60 million joint advance with her husband for both Obama memoirs, used a "collaborator" — a ghostwriter — an expert wordsmith that writing partner who can magically turn your speech patterns and sentence structure into a clear and intelligible story. Michelle Obama was not the first First Lady to have assistance from a collaborator/ghostwriter. Hillary Clinton collaborated with ghostwriter Barbara Feinman Todd for her 1996 bestseller, “It Takes A Village.”

So, peek at the nonfiction shelf the next time you're in a bookstore. The shelves are full of celebrity autobiographies — the memoirs of actors, athletes, and politicians. There is a good chance that they collaborated with a ghostwriter. You can too! We at Sister Circle Writers would love to collaborate with you.

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