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20/20 Vision for 2020

Do you have a plan for your writing? I don't mean how many words a day, but what is the purpose of your writing? Who are you writing for? What do you want to become of the words you put to paper, audio, or the virtual sphere? If writing is what you do, what is your plan for that work?

You need a plan and a vision for the purpose of your writing. I believe in the use of vision boards. They work. The law of attraction works. Good or Bad it works. So why not plan and prepare a vision that directs your attention to the positive aspects of your work, vocation, aspirations, and dreams when it comes to your writing.

Create your vision a plan for your work and use a vision board to keep your plan visible. Everyone knows that a vision board is a tool to help clarify concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Yes. It is o.k. to have more than one vision board. Personally, I have a specific one as it relates to my health and another for family. If you know me I have gone through some major health challenges and am blessed to be on this side of heaven with friends and family. I still have work to do, but that is a story I will share at a later date. Now, back to vision boards. This year create a vision board for your writing goals. You can create them electronically, but there is something therapeutic about creating them the old fashioned way with collecting the images and putting them to paper and hanging the vision board on the wall, the door, or the fridge. There are pros and cons to both but the choice is yours. I have done both.

I will be hosting a virtual Vision Board Workshop specifically for writers on Friday, January 31st from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST and Saturday, February 1st from 10 am-Noon, EST. We will go over creating a writing plan and research agenda among other things. Please go to the Home Page and click on Events for more information and to register for one of the two-hour online workshops. In the meantime spend some quiet time thinking about the answers to the questions I started this blog with.

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