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1000 Words Per Day!! Are you Crazy!!

Really Annette? 1000 words per day!! Is that even possible? I have to work!! Don't you!!

Well, yes, I do work and have commitments outside of work like most of you. But, I had to really learn how to discipline myself to sit still and write. I thought about writing, I read about how to write, I researched topics to write about. Man, I can research the heck out of a subject or an idea, collect some data, and come up with all kinds of things in my mind! I even dreamed of writing! But, ha ha ha, I was doing all of that without actually putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. No writing. Nothing, zero, zilch, nada! What happened? I got out of the practice of taking the time to actually sit down to write. Sigh. So how did I make the shift to get 1000 words per day? I did a self analysis.

The result of my analysis indicated that several life changes had thrown me out of my writing flow. My rhythm was off. I had to get my groove back. I did this by taking several steps to help me set up my writing schedule.

1. Get some rest. Rested body, rested mind has a better focus for writing.

2. Decided when is the best time of day/night to write and when is the best time of day/night to read. My life changes totally shifted this for me. What was once the best time of day for me to write, which was in the mornings, no longer holds true. Evening writing and morning reading are now my new norms.

3. Inspiration is all around you. It does not matter if you are writing for the academy or a script for a movie, inspiration is all around us in our daily life.

4. READ, READ, READ. Writers have to read. I mentioned reading in step two. Stay up to date with current trends, reading for historical accuracy and information, or for inspiration and spiritual renewal. Writers must read.

5. Learning is life long. Writing is a craft, and we all strive to improve, well, at least I do. I study and read about how to write better and how to write for different genres. There is so much to learn. That is one of the many reasons I started Sister Circle Writers. We have much to learn from each other.

6. There is a song that says we have to encourage ourselves sometimes. Well, encourage yourself. Get to writing!! I have faith in you! You can do it!!

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